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progiftnet.com is a fraud

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Skribent: hughj

WARNING! This company is malicious!
I also wished I would have looked up this company before ordering from them. I placed an order of 89$ for some crappy flowers because they had a same-day-delivery guarantee. I placed my order 12PM on valentines day. Since it said that all orders before 2PM have same day guarantee, I thought the flowers would get delivered the same day. Instead they got delivered 5PM the day after.

I then contacted the support, and they tried to screw me in all kind of ways. They were telling me they state in their terms and policy that special occasions do not have this guarantee, but when I confronted them to show me where they coldn't - because it cannot be found anywhere in their terms! They then tried to tell me I had placed my order too late, because my order was placed 12PM but processed 3PM. I then responded with that it says on their website that orders PLACED before 2PM have the guarantee, which they then didnt respond to. I've been mailing for weeks with them trying to get a simple apology, with no luck.

Watch out for this company!

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